A summary of the project

The project of design, supply and implementation of two railway tracks (substructure-surfacing) of the Yazdgerd-Nazarabad axis was concluded by the non-industrial EPC method between the Islamic Republic of Iran Railway Company and the partnership of Tossar, Faradid and Sedazma. The duration of the project was 548 days, and the implementation started on 24/02/2016 and ended on 22/07/2017. The place of implementation of the project is next to the existing railway axis and mainly in the urban axis with bottlenecks and functional limitations in the city of Yazd. The length of the route (including the stations) is 39 km, of which 23 km has been implemented in the city of Yazd. The new line has been built with a ballast pavement and designed to bear an axial load of 30 tons and a speed of 160 km per hour.

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State: Yazd

Yazdgerd-Nazarabad Railway (40km second lane construction)

This project, which is located in the distance between Nazarabad, Yazd, Yazdgerd stations, within the Yazd station and mainly inside the city of Yazd, on the routes of the main railway network (Tehran, Bandar Abbas) and (Tehran, Kerman, Zahedan, Misirjade) and (Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, Bandar Abbas) is located and in the future it will be connected to the aforementioned axes through the Chabahar-Fahraj railway, so it is of special importance from different directions of rail transportation. Because this route will be used for the transportation of cargo including various minerals from Yazd and Kerman provinces to Isfahan with mass transportation and on the other hand commercial and commercial cargo for import and export from Bandar Abbas and Chabahar ports to the center of the country. and it is located west and north to southeast of the country and in terms of passenger trains from Tehran to Bandar Abbas, Kerman and Zahedan and vice versa and in the future it will be used for passenger transit east and west of the country. It has removed the bottleneck in the above axes.