Tossar Cons. Co.

1st grade contractor in construction, water and road and transportation fields in IRAN

Tossar Construction Company was founded in 1974 and is involved in public projects such as cooperation in the construction of airports, freeways, rail roads, main roads, renewal and repaving of asphalt concrete pavements, infrastructure, sewerage and water treatment plants, and buildings inside Iran and abroad. This company is qualified as a Grade 1 (highest rank) construction company by the Government of Iran for the construction of roads, buildings, and water-related infrastructure, and it has also fulfilled numerous national and international civil projects.

Tossar boasts an impressive track record and has established a remarkable legacy of accomplishments, including the construction of over 500 kilometers of freeways and highways, 360 kilometers of railway substructures, and 100 kilometers of railway superstructures. Additionally, Tossar has completed concrete works exceeding 1.3 million cubic meters and installed over 35,000 tons of steel structures. The portfolio further encompasses the delivery of 2150 residential units, 30 tunnels totaling 15,000 meters, and bridges totaling 3000 meters in length (consider a 556-meter bridge with 10 spans up to 95 meters). Furthermore, Tossar participated in the construction of a wastewater treatment plant in Tehran, which is intended to cover a population of 4.2 million people (a quarter was built by Tossar), rehabilitated over 650 kilometers of roads, utilized 4 million cubic meters of hot mix asphalt, and installed 250 kilometers of different pipelines.

Tossar, with access to a vast array of resources, equipment, and experienced personnel who have worked with the company for years, is esteemed both in terms of its leadership and the quality of its work. It has gained the trust of employers in Iran, including the public and private sectors, and the attention of companies abroad to seek timely and high-quality project completion.

Tossar company management team

The main members and managers of Tossar

Eng. Masoud Moalemi

Chairman of the Board

Bachelor of road and construction
from K. N.Tussi University of IRAN

* * * * * *
Member of the American Concrete Association
Member of Iran Concrete Association
Member of the Iranian Engineers Association

* * * * * *
HSE course from Boris company
Industrial Management Organization business management course

* * * * * *
First place in the international competition of the American Concrete Association in 4 branches in 2001

Eng. Abbas Ghafari


Master's degree in road and construction
from Tehran University

* * * * * *
Member of Iran Concrete Association
Member of the engineering system organization
Member of the Board of Directors of Iran Road Association
Member of the Association of Construction Companies

Eng.Majid Saeedi

Member of the Board

Bachelor of road and construction
from Tehran Polytechnic University

* * * * * *

HSE course from management organization