A summary of the project

The project involved the construction of 20 kilometers of substructure on the Sirjan-Bardsir-Kerman railway. The project also included 812 meters of tunnel, the construction of 63 culverts, and a 4*30 meter bridge.

Termination Year

In progress

Start Year


State: Kerman

The Sirjan-Kerman railway project is being carried out with the participation of the government and the private sector and with the investment of 13 thousand billion Rials with the participation of the private sector, which has happened for the first time in the country in the field of railways. This line will connect "Bandar Abbas-Kerman-Zahedan" which will provide stable employment for 900 people.

In the past, in order to transport goods from Bandar Abbas to Kerman through rail transport, the owners of the goods had to go from Bandar Abbas to Bafq and then travel to Zahedan, which with the construction of the 173 km long Sirjan-Bardsir-Kerman railway, This distance is reduced by 316 km.

Below you can see the topography of the area in 3d. Due to the altitude changes of the area where the track line occurs and the location of the mountainous areas in the middle of the road, this area has been considered as one of the difficulties of work due to the difficulty of access and the time-consuming dispatch to the place, especially in times of crisis and the need for the presence of rescue forces.